Mold Testing NY, Mold Testing NJ and Mold Testing CT

Mold testing has been on the increase in the tri-state area of NY, NJ and CT since 2009 dues to the unprecedented increase in flood, storm and hurricane activity. The latter parts of 2010 and 2011 have seen parts of NJ devastated by river flooding, upstate NY and coastal CT battered by hurricane Irene and this has led to an increase in mold infestation and mold testing like we have never seen.

If you have been unlucky enough to be affected by these recent upsurges in mold then we would like to share some information from government and news outlets to assist you in combating mold. Mold Testing NY

The EPA offer specific guidelines in the case of mold from flood damage that can be found at this link to their mold resources page.  Leaflets are available for download at this link and remember that mold testing is an excellent idea if you have any fear of mold growth.

Mold Testing NY throughout NY State is a good idea as shown in this news article from Albany.

NY State mold guidelines are available at this link which also discusses mold testing. AllTech's mold testing is fast and in most cases,inexpensive so it really pays to get a professional take on mold testing when health is at stake.

Lastly, if you have experienced damage during teh storms if it is related to mold testing or not, we would like you to know that you may be eligable for disaster relief from FEMA so go to